Coffee with Andrew

This is an offer open to anyone in the software industry or any industry in which you deal with the software industry.

If you're a strategic decision-maker, a company owner, a CEO, CIO, CTO or even a team lead, hit me up for coffee if you'd like to talk strategy.

There are no obligations and no expectations that you'll hire either me or anyone else for any consulting.

Please get in touch via Twitter or email.

About me

My name is Andrew Harcourt.

I'm a software engineer and project rescue specialist. I'm a Principal Consultant and Market Tech Principal at ThoughtWorks, a co-founder at Stack Mechanics and in my spare time (ha!) I also run my own photography business, Ivory Digital.


I'm a solutions architect and software engineer with extensive experience in large-scale, high-load, geographically-distributed systems. I specialise in project rescue, governance and development methodologies.

My main areas of interest are domain-driven design, event sourcing, massively-scalable service architectures and cloud computing.

I'm a regular speaker and presenter at conferences and training events. My mother wrote COBOL on punch cards and I've been coding in one form or another since I was five years old.


Cyclist. Photographer. Ballroom dancer. Motorcyclist. I love my outdoor sports - and anyone who won't dance is chicken.