I'll admit it might have been a slight over-reaction, but on Friday evening I got fed up with the fact that none of the screensavers I'd looked at did what I wanted.

I have lots of photos. All I wanted was a screensaver that could display those photos in some sort of sensible order. The two front-running screensavers that I'd really investigated previously were the Google Photos Screensaver and the Windows Live Photo Gallery Screensaver, and neither did what I wanted.

The Google one displays one completely random image (from amongst tens of thousands) after another, which provides no useful context. This is irritating.

The Windows Live one, on the other hand, displays images sequentially, which is nice, but starts from the beginning every single time. This is stupid. Oh, and it doesn't have multiple-monitor support, either.

The solution? Fire up Visual Studio and write one. Later that evening I had a working prototype, and I've finally gotten around to cleaning it up a little.

If you'd like to try it out, fetch it from http://www.codingforfunandprofit.com/2010/02/ugly-photos-screen-saver.html.