I have a 7' x 4.5' trailer up for grabs. It's not currently road-worthy and needs a little work, but can be made perfectly serviceable with relatively minimal effort. It's green, has a spare tyre and is currently taking up space that I'd rather use for other things. I don't want cash or any other consideration; I'd just rather give it to a friend than pay someone to take it away.

If anyone wants it, please let me know via email by COB Wednesday AEST.

If nobody asks for it, I'll pay someone to take it away. If one person asks for it, it's theirs. If more than one person asks for it, we'll whip out a random number generator and let it decide.

You'll need to be able to collect it from here (if you know where "here" is). It should be safely towable with only minimal work, but it's not road-registered. Your call :)