Woohoo. The first (and hopefully not last) entry in my diary of sorts.

An incident this afternoon reminded me of how stupid people can be and how
little so many of them learn from their mistakes.

I was sitting in the car at a red light this afternoon in Sunnybank, when
the light changed to green. Now, I was in a lane which was only
allowed to turn left, and there was a red arrow, so naturally I didn't
move. Unfortunately, this came as a surprise to the Audi driver behind me,
who did. For about a metre. Then stopped again, rather suddenly. Oops

The intellectually disadvantaged person (read: "f...... moron") had been
talking on his mobile and had just driven straight into the back of me.
Congratulations, friend. Anyway, we pulled off the road and got out to
inspect the damage. At least, he was going to inspect the damage; I was
just going to do some damage. However, when I checked the back of
my Falcon, all I could see was this little grey scratch on the bumper
about a centimetre long. No hard feelings, eh?

Not so for the Audi driver. He had probably done over $1000 worth of
damage to his car, including bashing in those pretty little linked rings
(the Audi logo). Oh well - not my problem. Unfortunate or not, it was his
fault and his problem, so I suggested (politely) that in future he keep
his eyes on the road and his mobile on hands-free. He told me where to go,
so I drove off.

This is the really sad bit. At the next set of lights, he pulled up next
to me on my left, about to turn left. As the light for straight ahead went
green and the red arrow stayed for left, he flipped me the bird and drove
off. Straight into the car in front of him.

On ya, mate!