OK, I promised I'd write a quick review of the Ericsson T39, since I just
got hold of one and have had a play with it.

In short, it's very full-featured with lots of bells and whistles, but the
user interface is still well below par. There's a reason Nokia are
grinding Ericsson into the dust in the marketplace, and I'm amazed that
Ericsson haven't figured it out yet.

The phone is a tri-band (900, 1800 and 1900MHz) GSM toy, supports GPRS,
Bluetooth and infra-red, has voice-activated dialling and answering,
supports caller profiles and a whole bunch of other very cute stuff.

The menu structure is pretty ordinary, and users have to use the Yes
and No buttons (on Nokias these are the Send and End
buttons, respectively) to navigate through the menus. This is hardly
intuitive, but is admittedly slightly better than the previous versions. The
Clear button doesn't do anything useful while you're navigating the
menus, which adds to the confusion. Also, there is no actual Menu
button - you just have to use the Menu Up and Menu Down
buttons to start your navigation. Again, not very intuitive. Finally, the
menu structure itself is pretty average.

The screen is almost exactly half the size of a Nokia 7110, which is pretty
disappointing as the 7110 is a few years old now. Since the T39 supports
WAP, you'd think they'd give you as much screen real estate as they possibly
could, but... oh well.

All in all, it's a very cute toy but I wouldn't buy one, especially at their
current ticket price of just under $700 AU. Wait until Nokia bring out their
response to this little toy, then get it instead.

Just my $0.02