Everything's up in the air at work at the moment with respect to the re-org. I feel a bit like Scott Adams, in that I can't really believe the stupidity being displayed by our middle management. The quote that my one-up manager (the last of the non-pointy-haired people) uses to sum the whole mess up is, "Never blame on malice what you can on blatant stupidity." Sadly, I think he's right. Our group has been cut in half, and the person responsible for the group didn't even know about it. Pretty pathetic, really.

So... my group all went out to lunch, compared CVs and has generally stopped being productive for the foreseeable future. Good outcome, huh?

Alex Gillies and Ben Stonehouse are getting married tomorrow, so after lunch (the wake) I headed home and Syndia and I headed off to Sydney. Unfortunately we ended up leaving for Sydney just a little too late after all our packing etc - at about 4:30pm - and ended up arriving just before 3am. Ouch.

The trip was pretty uneventful; Syndia drove for an hour or so once or twice, which made it a bit easier for me, and meant that we could keep moving pretty quickly. One hitch occurred when we hit the M5 just outside Sydney, and discovered that Melbourne e-Tags don't work on the bloody thing. Transurban (the Melbourne e-Tag mob) had recently written to all their customers and told us that it would work on the Harbour Bridge, the tunnel and a couple of other roads around Sydney - but neglected to mention that it was a no-go on the M5. Buggrit! We eventually persuaded the toll-gate humans to let us through even though we had no cash on us - I think perhaps the number of cars backing up behind us might have helped our argument...

Thankfully we had booked into the City Gate Sebel which, like most decent places, has 24 hour check-in. Mmmm... the bed felt very comfortable at that hour.