Oh, what a wonderful, moving, exciting and emotional experience is
Telstra's mentoring program. Was that sarcasm? One certainly hopes not -
sarcasm is not permitted in such an emotional morale-enhancing session.

What a load of crap. It was such a painful, frustrating experience that
I'm surprised anyone would turn up for a repeat performance. We didn't
get introduced to anyone except each other, and we had some fruit loop
named Veronica (our "facilitator") giving us this talk about
being all touchy-feely about our relationship with our mentor.

As far as I was concerned, I thought this entire thing would be about
how to find a mentor within the organisation, how to approach them and
the best way to manage the relationship. I didn't expect a whole day
spent on discussing our dreams and aspirations with a bunch of total
strangers and a manic facilitator. Shortly after lunch I invented a
meeting and left. I felt so dirty about the whole experience. My
advice to anyone considering participating in Telstra's mentoring
program: just don't.

Ugh. I'm off to have a shower.