Fadge, Mike and I went out on the Kathy Sue today to test out Fadge's new windsurfer and Mike's new ski biscuit.

Fadge was a bit peeved that Mike got the knack of windsurfing so quickly

Once I figured out how to keep balance etc (hang off the boom; let the wind hold you and just adjust the sail to catch different amounts of wind) it wasn't all that difficult. After I managed to get myself sailing in a reasonable straight line, I decided I'd learn to tack, and spent the rest of my attempts that afternoon in trying to tack the windsurfer without either stalling or having to resort to dropping the sail. I managed it once, and was so surprised that I promptly fell off anyway :P

The other highlight of the day was, of course, the look of trepidation on Mike's face as we pushed the ski biscuit away from the boat and opened the throtte After sending Mike skittering over the wake for a few minutes, he and I swapped and I discovered that Fadge has an evil side - he found the wake of another passing boat and launched me over it so that, according to Mike, I got at least a metre of air before crashing back down and spilling off. Very, very good fun.

The goal for our next trip is for me to persuade Fadge to let me drive the boat while he hangs off the back of it