It's the end of my first week in the new contract. To be honest, I'm
more than a little stressed. Without giving away any sensitive
information, all I can say is that they have a serious number of
systems that all talk to each other. It wouldn't be a problem, except
that I have to learn how they all work before I'm game to mess
with any of them. Scary.

In other news, I'm still hunting for a place to live. I've been
looking on,
as has pretty much every other man and his dog. It's incredible - a
shared room (yep, that's right - a room to share with a
complete stranger) in a not-particularly-nice part of Dublin City will
go for up to EUR400 per month. That's about 800 Aussie pesos, which
isn't fun, especially when I don't even have an Irish bank account