Friday the 13th - my lucky number, and the day that Syndia and I chose to go to the Ekka. And a pretty good day it turned out to be, too. As per usual, photos are here.

The day started with a frantic rush for me to communicate with the Pan Pacs people and then pick up boots that Mike had sent in with Dad, as I only had a pair of Florsheims that weren't particularly suited to traipsing around the showgrounds. Breakfast and a short cab ride later, and we were at the RNA showgrounds. Approached by a scalper outside, we picked up an adult's entry ticket for $10 (usual price $20) and so saved ourselves the cost of a cab fare after all

The exhibitions were, as they usually are, fairly similar to those of the previous year. That's not to say, however, that they weren't worth seeing. The Storybook Living History display, run by the venerable old bushie, John Bury, offers a glimpse into the life of the early settlers, and he always has fascinating stories to tell and demonstrations to offer. His border collie is always worth a laugh or two, too, herding chooks around on command and generally looking after his master.

Syndia was, of course, ga-ga over the lambs in the animal nursery, and was very put out with the kids (goats, not people) who kept stealing the food she was trying to offer to the lambs.

The ring events were fairly predictable, with one notable exception: no skydiving. I was a bit disappointed about that, as for as long as I can remember there have been skydivers from Ramblers jumping into the main show ring every night.

After the night's entertainment, Syndia decided that she wanted to go to Sideshow Alley and go on a "Big People's Ride." We decided on the Scorpion, which is a little like the old Super Trooper. Not too stressful, and entirely predictable, and nonetheless Syndia screamed three or four lungfuls of air before I managed to persuade her to stop. I was a bit concerned - in my lack of wisdom, I'd arranged it so that I was on her outside, which mean that if she threw up I was going to wear it :P

We then jumped onto the new hang-gliding-simulator ride whose name I can't remember, and although Syndia liked it much better, it was pretty tame - it didn't even approach zero G

To finish off, Syndia had a go at one of those, "Every child wins a prize," games, in which she won two of the smallest prizes. She's very proud of them though, so I wouldn't dare say anything further... except that we're still not sure exactly what one of the stuffed animals is supposed to be...