Woo-bloody-hoo - it's Friday. I can go home and forget about Microsoft for
at least 12 hours!

I made some slight progress with the ActiveX stuff today. The software
architects at Microsoft must be the most twisted, sadistic people
imaginable - and the documentation, while reasonably complete on the simple
stuff, is extremely scarce on the more complicated topics. Hmph. The
Linux kernel is so much easier to hack, and I'm only an amateur at that...

Anyway, enough about my Microsoft/ActiveX/Windows CE woes.

Went shopping this evening and picked up another air mattress for when two
of my brothers, David and Tony, arrive. They're flying in on the 23rd of
January for the U20 National Fencing Championships. The competition lasts a
few days, after which they're pretty much free to explore Melbourne as they
wish I've even had separate sets of keys cut for them They'll be
staying until the 3rd of February, which is nice because my birthday is on
the 1st.