I'm exhausted.

This week has been *way* too much work. The database is now (apparently)
working correctly, after my pulling not-quite-an-all-nighter on
Wednesday night.

I phoned up Fisher and Paykel about the washing machine, and they're
sending a tech around on Monday afternoon to have a look at the thing.
They reckon it might be a blocked pump, in which case it wouldn't be
covered by the warranty as it would have been my stupidity for leaving
tissues or something in my pockets. If that's not the problem though,
they're doing the entire service call and repair job under warranty -
not costing me a cent. Very nice of them. Even if it was my fault and I
have to pay, there's a fixed price for the service call, so either way
I'm not really out of pocket. It's nice to see a company that takes
customer service seriously.

My insurance is fixed, too. How's this for weird? QBE refused to offer
me insurance until next Tuesday because they thought I was going to race
in the Grand Prix support races. How stupid is that? I'm going to race
an eight-year-old 250cc four-stroke road bike in a Grand
Prix support race? Don't be bloody ridiculous. Nevertheless, they
refused to offer me any kind of insurance before the weekend. They
reckon it's standard policy - no motorcycle insurance for the two weeks
before the GP. Bunch of morons.

I called up RACV, who were willing to a) honour my rating one for my car
insurance (from a different insurance mob) and b) provide cover starting
at the time of the phone call today. Done. No problems - and the RACV is
supposed to be the least biker-friendly insurance company that will
actually insure bikes. Weird.

The toaster is still broken though.