My birthday today! Much fun - had to code frantically all day to try to get this prototype done by this afternoon. Finally managed to get it working with about 6 minutes to spare. Rohan's plugin isn't completely finished yet, so I only had one of mine to demo to Andy and Belinda, but at least it worked.

Went to Web Warfare (no web site yet) this evening for a Counter-Strike competition. We went to this little bistro before that to grab some food, and a few of the TRL guys (Daniel, Clinton and Rhys if I understand correctly) vanished for a while and came back with a birthday cake for me. It was a really nice gesture from them - I hadn't meant to make a big deal out of my birthday, and it was just really nice that they thought of it.

At Web Warfare, there were a bunch of TRL people (about 8 or 9 of us) and most of us entered into the competition. It's a nightly event, with a $50 prize for first place, and $25 for second. No tricky rules - just whoever has the most frags at the end of the two hours is the winner. Oh, and no AWPs. I came in first of the TRL people, which was pretty sad considering that I came 10th with 44 frags, and the winner had a paltry 88. Yes, that's right - double my score. But hey, it was good fun, and I'm sure we'll be going back there before long.