Woohoo! I've finished university for the year! It doesn't matter that I
failed a subject - I've finished and have holidays until the end of
February next year!! WOOHOO!!

Well, actually, I leave for boot camp on the 30th of this month and won't
be back until the 15th of January, but I'm looking forward to that so who
cares? 3 meals per day and at least 7 hours' sleep a night! For a
university student, that's heaven!

I'll be going down to Schoolies on the Gold Coast for a day or two later
next week, since I have a couple of friends down there with whom I can
crash. As long as I buy alcohol for them, that is Should be fun

Oh, yeah... That exam that I was going "ohshitohshitohshitI'mgoingtodie!"
about below was a shocker. I failed dismally. However, I left 42 minutes
into the exam (we're not allowed to leave for 40 minutes) and was *not*
one of the first 20 people to leave. It was that bad. Apparently the pass
percentage for the subject is 20% overall. I don't think I'll get it;
neither will many other students. What a shocker. But hey - who cares?
It's holidays! Let's party!!