Wow, it's actually sunny outside. What an amazing event. I wonder if the
natives here have recovered from the shock yet.

The IDS reporting system now at least appears to be working; I
haven't re-enabled all the cron jobs etc yet, but at least all the
individual scripts seem to work. Stupid ISS... what a sadistic thing to
do to a poor programmer

It doesn't look like I'll be going for a ride on the weekend - Saturday
I have to do a couple of RMIT tutes, and Syndia and I will probably be
going to the Royal Melbourne
Show, which is Melbourne's equivalent of the Ekka. (Well, OK, so the
Ekka is really called the Royal Queensland Show, but let's not split
hairs over it. It's the Ekka.) Should be fun, though. I always used to
love going to the Ekka when I was a kid (and I still am just a little
boy at heart ).