Had a crazy trip in to work this morning...

I left on the bike to run a couple of errands before I went to work,
then dropped back home to get some stuff for work before leaving again.
It's been raining fairly steadily for most of the morning - the first in
a while for Melbourne - and all the idiots have come out of the

There had been an accident at the end of our street where two reckless
fences on the opposite sides of the road had somehow been involved in a
collision with two entirely innocent cars The police had closed off
that end of the street and weren't letting any traffic through.

At the other end of the street, a bunch of council workers had arrived
to dig up the street yet again to presumably replace another
section of the leaking gas main. They've already dug up the entire gas
main once, but apparently didn't actually check to see which bit was
leaking before putting the road back over the top. Grr.

To get out of the street I ended up having to ride along the footpath
for 50m or so. When I was about 40m away, some little old lady came out
of her gate and started wandering out onto the footpath. Since the bike
was only just ticking over in first gear (i.e. less than walking pace),
it wasn't like I was breaking the sound barrier or anything, but she
looked at me and ran back through her gate as though it was Death
come to claim her. Curiouser and curiouser...

I saw three separate accidents on the way in to work (in addition to the
one at the end of our street, which I didn't actually see happen). After
I saw some dopey suit on a scooter nearly obliterated by a little
Corolla, I decided I was just going to shadow this bloody great truck -
at least nobody would turn across an intersection in front of that