Leaving Mt Isa in the morning, we cruised along towards Camooweal, and hit Longreach not so long afterwards. The original plan was to stay the night at Charleville, but after stopping for the best part of four hours at the Stockman's Hall of Fame in Longreach, we pretty much gave up on that idea.

The Stockman's Hall of Fame is a pretty-much complete history of Australia from the time of settlement, and it includes as much information as is available about the history of the country before settlement as well. It's set up as a proper museum, and I reckon you'd need to spend at least an entire day there to cover everything; perhaps two days to do it properly.

Leaving Longreach, we headed along towards Charleville. On the way, we saw the first sign that mentioned Brisbane and took a couple of photos of it

Travelling towards Charleville, we started to lose the light, and the roos were so bad that I was reduced to travelling at about 50km/h along the highway. This was a bit ridiculous, and it was extremely draining, so we decided to stop in Blackall and head to Charleville the next morning.

Note to travellers staying in Blackall: the water is mostly pumped from artesian bores, so the hot water stinks of sulphur. It feels lovely to shower with, but the smell remains for a couple of hours after the fact. Apart from that, the place we stayed at (the Acacia Motor Inn) was well-maintained and the people there were very cheerful. Lovely place.