Was at the fencing competition again today. Saw Tony fencing in the sabre,
where he was doing pretty well until his quarter-final bout. DE bouts are to
15 hits, and Tony was down 8-1, then 14-9. He had 6 points to make up, and
we weren't sure he could do it. Anyway, we saw him set himself when his
opponent reached 14, and staged the most amazing comeback to bring the score
to 14 points all.

At 14-14, his opponent came charging down the piste towards him, and Tony -
almost running backwards - jumped, took an amazing parry in 5th and a
beautiful riposte to his opponent's head, then was cheering and screaming
before his feet hit the ground. 15-14, back from 14-9 down. And since his
opponent was a kiwi, every Australian in the venue was cheering for him. It
was awesome...