Wow, cool. Syndia and I went to see the Shaolin Monks' Wheel of Life production this evening at the Princess Theatre. Very cool - they really are very good. I was especially impressed with the children they had - some of them could only have been seven or eight years old, yet were already very proficient in Kung Fu.

On a completely different topic, as I was leaving the city after work, I saw this stupid (but very funny) woman manage to walk three or four steps down an up-escalator before realising that she was going the wrong way. She then grabbed onto the hand-rail (which was, of course, moving in the opposite direction) and promptly got sat down rather ungracefully on the stairs. She seemed content to sit there and sulk for quite a while, but then realised that the escalator wasn't going to stop for her, and that she was about to be trampled by people actually riding the thing correctly. After all that, she tried to get back up and pretend that she'd meant to do it all along.

She obviously wasn't hurt, but she seemed to take offence at all the people chuckling at her - quite a few of us - and looked about ready to throw a tantrum in the middle of the station. Very sad... but still very funny