Leaving for Melbourne again today.

Left Syndia's this morning and headed to Manners' place. He and Rochelle have bought a place in Durack. It's quite nice, and they've done heaps of work on it. I'm very impressed Unfortunately they're holding their housewarming party tomorrow evening, so I'll miss it as I'm already on my way back to Melbourne.

I dropped in at home to pick up my stuff on the way. I phoned Dave to check that I'd be able to get in through the gate and discovered that Guvviler's (Fadge's car) throttle cable had snapped last night on the way home, and Fadge had spent the night at our place.

I briefly visited Fred to say g'day before leaving town, then I headed straight off towards Sydney. I ended up not getting all that far before dark - only Byron Bay - and I decided to stop there. Plenty of backpackers' places, some (not much ) eye candy and a complete lack of enthusiasm for dark, wet roads combined to persuade me to crash there for the night.