Exams are almost here. I had my last lecture today and - true to form -
didn't go My first exam is on the 12th; next on the 17th and the third
and final is on the 19th. Not too bad as an exam timetable goes...

Training today was interesting. After a 2 hour drive to get to the Gold
Coast PCYC (in the rain, on the Pacific Highway, through the roadworks, in
the dark...) I arrived only half an hour late. My master, who has
arthritis in his right hand, was feeling better and gave me a lesson
right-handed today. It was good because he can exchange much better, but I
walked onto his blade a few times and felt really stupid. For 20 minutes,
there are few things more exhausting than a fencing lesson (yes,
that is included). I gave three lessons to some people from All
Saints Anglican College (I think) - all beginners. Hopefully they'll stick
around and will develop into a reasonable team for the schools competition
in 2000.

Leafing through the Beaudesert News and Views, the local rag, I
discovered that the Beaudesert Rodeo will be held tomorrow. Since I've
never been to one before, I might try to persuade some friends to come and
have a look with me. (If you're actually reading this, people, this means
you. Provided I know you, of course )