I made a short trip out to Autobarn today at lunch, to buy myself a
present. It wasn't a very expensive present, but it should prove
extremely useful over the coming year. So, what exactly is it?

Air horns.

Very, very loud air horns.

For the bike

You can see a similar model here, as I couldn't find the exact model in 30 seconds of
searching for it.

This morning on the way in was the last straw. I had three different
people just happily wander into my lane, without either looking or
indicating. The ZZR's current horn is pretty pathetic - much like that
of most bikes - so I don't really have any way of telling people that a)
I am where they want to be, or b) that I'm really pissed off with
them because they are where I just was (i.e. I just had to take evasive
action to avoid getting mulched).

I'll throw up a sound recording when I get them working... I can't wait
to get the kit home and try it out... and I can't wait to see the looks
on all the cage drivers' faces when they think that they just cut in
front of a truck .