I've just been told I'm booked for some training in Canberra in early
July. I've never been to Canberra, so I'm kinda looking forward to it.
The weather can't possibly be any worse than Melbourne's, at any rate...

The training is for some IDS management system, which means I'm probably
going to get midnight phone calls on occasion when there's some security
alert from one of Telstra Retail's systems - and the more I learn about
those systems, the more likely I'm starting to think that is...

Finished my first full security review today - at least, I've finished
until they actually build the thing. Then I have to go and try to break
into it. Still, I'm starting to learn the ropes around here and actually
have a reasonable understanding of all the different bits and pieces
that make up Telstra. Comments on that? Not bloody likely