Hmm... I just spoke to an iiNet CSR who tells me they're "changing
service providers" right now and hope to be back online shortly.
Maybe this means they've finally moved to Telstra's L2TP product? That
would be nice... unfortunately I don't have any more information yet as
the CSRs apparently haven't been told anything that technical, and
obviously I can't check the iiNet web site.

I also think I might have put my foot in it this afteroon - I promised a
bunch of mates a feed if they could get root on critter - the machine on
which this site and a couple of others are hosted. The problem? The
bunch of mates is from Telstra's Security Architecture group (my
workmates), and a meaner, more vindictive mob of people you'll not find
anywhere The problem is that they probably have the skills (5k1llz??)
to do it. Oh well... I can always escape to Brisbane at the end of the