Whew, another week at an end - and am I glad to see the end of it? You bet.

I'm thoroughly sick of the the project I'm working on, and this week has
just highlighted some of my reasons for wanting to do something different.
After a mad panic yesterday to throw together a demo on less than a day's
notice, not even a word of thanks - just a rebuke for not having a snapshot
of the code available. That was a bit rich - we'd been using CVS precisely
to ensure that we did have version snapshots available for whenever
we wanted. CVS apparently doesn't handle DOS line termination characters
very well, though - the problem eventually turned out to be that one of the
header files had been clobbered by a previous version on a check-in, and not
properly propagated. Hmm.

Anyway, I'm don't really want to think of this week any more - it's been
pretty miserable - so I'll just celebrate the fact that this web server is
back up again after a week of RedHat dependency hell. Long live Debian!