is no more


My ISP, dingo blue, is closing
down. It's a real shame - they've been a great ISP for the almost 4 years
I've been with them. Their people are savvy, polite and have the power to
act on anything you ask of them, their systems are efficient and their
pricing was (evidently) too good to be true.

Their parent company, AGL has decided
that they've had enough of losing money on dingo blue, after buying it from
Optus only a year ago. Apparently Optus were running a profitable operation,
but AGL couldn't do it. It's very sad, as dingo blue was one of the last
real forms of cheap, reliable dial-up Internet access available in
Australia. And if you look at the iPrimus web site, amongst others, you can
already see the vultures circling to pick up the customers.

dingo blue will shut down a bit over eight weeks from now, which leaves
people a reasonably amount of time to make alternative arrangements. I, for
one, will be wearing a black armband the day the doors close.

For the moment, I've signed up with Pacific Internet for their ADSL
offering, to start shortly before dingo blue closes. Hopefully their people
will be slightly more human than the droids Telstra chooses to present to
its customers.