I'm such a nice person... One of the people on one of the projects I'm
working on at the moment was asking some security questions about this
client-side application that's being developed.

At the conclusion of the discussion (via email) she said she was glad we
were stress-testing the application because there was a "freak part of
the customer base" who "have no other purpose in life [other] than to
try and destroy ... anything that that Telstra build." And who is this
group of freaks, I hear you ask? The answer, according to her, is Whirlpool!

More than a little surprised at this comment - even within Telstra,
Whirlpool is held in fairly high regard - I mailed back, assuring her
that we would be testing the application very thoroughly and wouldn't
let any "freaks" break it.

I finished with a small postscript: P.S. My Whirlpool userid is