Felt very crook this morning. Woke up at about 3am and spent the next
few hours reviewing past meals. Not at all good. Missed a training thing
with RMIT because I was feeling too rotten to leave the house (I didn't want
to take a bucket with me). Ugh.

I'm finally doing some serious work again at TRL. Woohoo! I'll probably
regret that soon though, as I'm writing ActiveX controls and frameworks for
PocketPC 2002. It's probably not going to be all that enjoyable. But hey, at
least it's a challenge, and it's not Perl/CGI stuff.

Started making arrangements for two of my brothers to stay with us while
they're down for the Fencing U20 Nationals. Should be interesting - I've
suggested that they stay a few extra days, as they're not paying for
accommodation. Hopefully they'll get to see a bit of Melbourne while they're

Just noticed: the PocketPC emulator that ships with MS Embedded Visual
Studio plays many little clicking sounds - even when it's not doing
anything. It's incredibly annoying.