Sometimes, it's the small things that count. The mob at Club Sandwich gave
me a free sandwich this afternoon. It was about 4pm, I'd just come back
from the gym and was going to grab a late lunch before getting back to
work. I must have looked half dead, because the lovely ladies decided that
I needed a bit of a feed and gave me an extra sandwich - and refused to
take payment for it. Even though they were only an hour or so away from
closing, they probably could have sold everything. So, for what it's worth,
they get a small plug here: if you're in the city near the Telstra HQ
building (242 Exhibition St), drop in to Club Sandwich and have a feed

(A while later...)

Sod it! My desktop machine just crashed and killed the job I was running
on our DB server. Six hours of processing gone - I hate Windows.