How's this for a good one? When you sign up for a corporate Diners Club
card, as I did recently for Telstra, you are offered a free personal
card to go with it. "Cool," thinks me, who ticks the box...
(In Brisbane and some other cities around Australia, taxis don't take
Visa, which has been a nuisance for me in the past.)

I just received my first statement for the personal card, and there was
a $22 charge on it for "Rewards Program Membership." Curious, I
think, but hardly surprising - so I call the customer support line to
get the charge reversed and the membership cancelled. I didn't tick the
box on the application form and since I don't expect to be using the
card that much, there's no reason for me to have it.

Imagine my surprise when the chick (pleasantly, though - for once)
patiently explains to me that the charge is for... wait for it... the
"Ansett Australia Global Rewards Scheme." I was a little bit
stunned at this - after all, Ansett went belly-up almost 6 months ago
now. But here I was, having this human patiently and kindly explaining
to me that they charged the fee unless you specifically requested
not to join Global Rewards. Hmm...

Still, to be fair, they've reversed the charge and cancelled the
"membership" - which is better than I can say for my dealings
with Telstra.