I have had an absolutely awesome weekend, starting from Thursday of last week.

Thursday afternoon saw the Security Architecture mob plus some others tearing off to Ace Karts in Sunshine for a spot of go karting action.

Friday was the SecArch Christmas lunch, at Enri's in Richmond. It's an Argentinian steak house - mmmm... meat. Well, to be honest, I didn't think all that much of the meat, but at least there was lots of it I didn't end up taking many photos, but those I did take are here.

On Saturday the CS mob cruised down to Torquay, then on to Bell's South, and then further on to Lorne, just for the hell of it. You can see the photos here.

Finally, Sunday saw me throwing my Telstra fuel card into my pocket and my riding gear and food into the boot, and heading off to Broadford for a track day with Rohan and Chris. I didn't take any photos but I'll write it up sometime this week, along with all the other events of the last four days.

Wow, cool. I'm absoutely exhausted...

Quick addendum: I've just added the itinerary for my trip to Brisbane.