Sorry, people. I'm having some issues with email at the moment. Ever
since DomainDirect stuffed up my domain renewal, I've been having mail
routing issues - they also managed to change where my MX records

Since I have a dodgy script set up to change the header format in order
to make a couple of intermediate mail servers let my mail through (too
many hops, they say - hmph), it's too much hassle to make it all work
with the new configuration, and DomainDirect can't seem to write a
decent web interface to save themselves, so I'm having trouble changing
the MX records back

I'm changing to a different
ISP shortly, and they'll let me run my own mail servers, so
hopefully that will fix the problems. Until then, I'm just going to have
to live with it the way it is.

Anyway, if you send me mail and don't get a response in a day or two,
please re-send it to my account for now. The problems
will be fixed by the end of the month.