Whew! Finally, time for another update. Things around here have been pretty
hectic lately, but they're (finally) back under control.

The project that I'm working on at TRL had a demonstration deadline of
Friday of the week before last, and the code was finished very early
that morning after a few weeks of frantic development. This is what I get
for going away over Christmas and having to catch up after I leave - but
then, there was nothing much any of us could have done before Christmas as
we had no hardware to work on.

Anyway, the prototype works and was (apparently) a success in all the demos.
Well, at least the person we gave it to is taking it around to anyone he can
lay his hands on and showing it to them, so we must have done
something right... While we don't yet know for certain as to whether
the project is going to get proper funding, we at least have leave to wrok
on the thing some more. Which is nice, as there are a few bugs that
really need to be fixed before we start taking the thing on a demo

Syndia and I rearranged our unit yesterday, so it actually looks and feels
like there is some room to move again. We're in desperate need of another
bookcase though, and plan to buy one on the weekend. We actually had enough
books stacked in front of one of our existing bookcases that the bottom
three shelves were obscured.

Dan, Roger, Rhys and Ricky left for their world tour this afternoon and should be
arriving at LAX sometime soon. They'll be away for almost six weeks, which
means we're going to have to find some more people to liven the place up in
the meantime.