I'm back at work properly today, after spending large chunks of last
week in a kind of zombie state.

Good news: Karen got a mobile! Finally

Other cool news: Pete has updated
his web site. And guess who gets a link from the front page

Other really cool news: Tony and Mike are down in Melbourne for the U20
Nationals. I picked them up from the airport yesterday afternoon and
after stopping for a brief snack at the world's smallest KFC (see Tony's blog for more info) we
headed off to Ferg's place for a swim and a BBQ. Tony ended up having a
rather spirited... discussion... with Cathy about the merits and
demerits of Muttiah Muralitharan as a test bowler. Cathy was of the
opinion that he's just an amazing bowler. The rest of the crowd seemed
to agree with Tony - he's a chucker, and Darrell Hare was right to call
him for it.