Last Monday (the 13th) I started at my new position in the city. I'm still
working for Telstra, but now it's as a Security Architect, which really
means I get to try to break into people's machines for fun and
profit. Life is good

I'm about to order a car from the Telstra leasing people as well - it's
cheaper than running my own now, since the pay increase has bumped me up a
tax bracket. Fuel, servicing, registration and insurance are all included -
so all I have to do is drive the thing. And drive it I shall, all over the
country. As I said before, life is good

Syndia is currently in exam-stress mode, since her entire semester comes
down to one exam to be held next Monday, so that's one slight detractor from
the general feeling of well-being - she's very busy and doesn't have much
time for anything except study, so that's a bit frustrating. But hey, after
Tuesday she's free again and all will be well.

Finally, I went to see Star Wars II:
Attack of the Clones on Thursday, and it rocked. If you haven't seen it,
you really should. Here is a copy of the
quick review I posted to the UQIT Gang. Life is good.