A big thanks to Rick and Kaye for inviting us to stay after we appeared in town on such short notice. They even took us out for a huge breakfast in the village before we left for Adelaide city.

We headed to Glenelg, then pretty much due north through the city proper, and continued onto the highway. Glenelg is a pretty enough beach, I guess - certainly better-looking than St Kilda Beach - but it still doesn't have a patch on any of the Gold Coast beaches. Syndia spotted one of those bungee-style jumping castle thingies, but after such a huge breakfast we both decided we'd be pushing it a bit if we had a go

After passing through the city, we headed north, with the objective of hitting Coober Pedy by nightfall and sleeping there. Along the way, we stopped in at Port Augusta (pretty, but didn't really catch our attention) and Woomera. We had been planning on looking at the military museum there, since Woomera was established as a missile testing site, but since it was getting on in the afternoon the place was about to close when we arrived, and we were only able to look around for 20 minutes or so. The town itself is extremely quiet - remarkably like an army barracks just after a battalion has shipped out - which, when you think about it, is exactly what the town is. It's a military support town, and with no upcoming testing in a while it's reasonable for people to pick up and move back to somewhere more populated. If you've ever driven through the Enoggera barracks when it's almost empty, you'd understand what I mean.

We didn't quite make it to Coober Pedy before nightfall, so just before sunset we pulled in to a little place called Glendambo to wait until the sun had gone down. Since we were driving north/north-west, it was in my eyes most of the way, and I was also a bit concerned about the number of critters I was starting to see walking around just before dusk. A half-hour and a decent feed later, we headed on towards Coober Pedy again, but I was feeling a bit tired by this stage and so we stopped about 100km south of there and went to sleep.