Had a look at the official Pocket PC 2002 upgrade for the Compaq iPAQ this
afternoon. It's mostly a cosmetic upgrade, but there are a few nice
tweaks. I haven't tested the VPN offering yet, but I hope it's a bit less
flaky than the pre-release code Microsoft were throwing around.

Just to ensure that I wasn't being completely stupid, I fired up VB today
and created the kind of ActiveX control that I wanted to write in Embedded
VC++. It took 3 minutes, and 2 of those were in starting VB itself.
Ridiculously simple. The image on the button behaved itself perfectly. I
don't know how they did it but it looks like I'm missing something that's
supposedly simple. The control just looks like it's missing out on a
WM_ERASEBACKGROUND or WM_PAINT message. Hmph. Running Spy++ spews message
notifications out like a waterfall - just to check what happens when I
click the button takes over 100 window messages. Not fun.

Tonight's tute at RMIT covered CSS pretty well. I'm not sure how much the
students actually absorbed though. If it's any consolation, they aren't
typing all the time when Shekhar's speaking now. I guess that means
they're either struggling a bit more and are having to pay attention, or
they've just given up and are completely asleep during the entire tute.
I'm hoping for the former, but the latter wouldn't completely surprise
me They didn't go as well in the first assignment as we were hoping,
although I haven't seen the final marks yet.

So tired...