I just dropped the car off to get its 1500km service performed and
towbar fitted. They say they can also fix the sunroof cover, which has
been sliding shut under brakes. (Not the sunroof itself, but the opaque
cover beneath it that you can move by hand.)

By this afternoon - or so they tell me - I should have my toy back. And
now that it's officially run in I can use the cruise control and
that right foot pedal thingy a bit more enthusiastically

The trip from the dealership to the city reminded me how much I hate
public transport though - I spent over an hour on a tram crawling along
St Kilda Rd. I had taken a book so the time wasn't completely wasted but
I would have preferred to get to 242 in a bit more of a hurry - I have
too much to do before I leave for Christmas.