Visited Grammar this afternoon. Paid a visit to Doc Solomon, Phil O'Neill and Jimmy Hill. I also had a quick look around the (new) middle school, but couldn't see all that much and couldn't get a tour as classes were running.

Doc invited me to visit the Computer Club meeting that was to be held that afternoon, and I was amused to see that some things never change. They're still looking desperately for contributions to I/O, the Computer Club magazine, they're still backstabbing each other as to who can become a supervisor, and the people who want to organise things are still getting bogged down in trivialities The only significant differences I noted were that numbers had shrunk, and that the members seemed a little marginalised, which wasn't really the case when I was there. Not so inspiring

I did manage to pick up a few back-issues of I/O from Doc though, and actually found a couple of old articles I'd written in them. Cool!