Went out with Pat today on the crash boat for the Royal Melbourne Yacht
Squadron's Women's Regatta. It was almost a beautiful day for sailing.
That is to say, the sun was shining (mostly), the rain had stopped, the
temperature was warm. Unfortunately, sailing usually requires the
participation of the wind, which was sorely lacking today.

The entirety of Port Phillip Bay was as flat as a sheet of glass, and
there was absolutely bugger-all wind. It got to the extent that a couple
of the boats were heading (correctly) to the side of the markers, but
simply didn't have enough wind to go around them and drifted with the
current past the wrong side of the marker instead. Oops The crash boat
that I was on was a Boston Whaler-style barge with a 50hp outboard, and
it moved pretty quickly. It was about the only thing out there to
actually be moving faster than the current.

It was a generally good day - Pat and I had fun at least. The
competitors were a bit disappointed, of course, but at least they were
cheerful after the event. As we discovered, most of them had been
sitting around having some cake and a brew-up! The things you can do on
a boat when you're not racing...

I did manage to get a couple of photos, and they'll be up as soon as I
retrieve my digital camera's data cable from work.