A bunch of us went for a picnic in the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens this afternoon for Syndia's birthday. Talk about food - I raided a cake stall being run by a bunch of little old ladies for St Andrew's Anglican Church (Wooloowin IIRC) and a whole bunch of people brought far too much additional food. Syndia and Karen then went even further this morning and baked a batch of cupcakes. Food, food, food...

After an excessively nice picnic, thank you very much, we decided to go and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Freddie Highmore was probably the least notable in terms of performances, but I guess he played the role well.. but the stand-out, of course, was Johnny Depp. Very cool, very creepy, very disturbed Willy Wonka. I have to admit, I liked this one better than the original.

The final adjournment for the evening was back to our place for five of us.. Ben, Fadge, Syndia, Karen and I all ended up playing Scumbags and Warlords. The sad and geeky part of the night was when we decided to make the current Warlord wear my Michael Jackson fedora hat, and the current Scumbag to wear a 1950s cravat.

Jenna arrived part-way into the game, and Syndia got all excited about her new selection of earrings. Speaking of Jenna's earrings and other jewelry, check out her web site, www.jellibeens.com - she makes some amazing stuff!