What do you do in your address book when someone gets married and changes their name? Do you put them in under their new name and be correct about the whole thing, or do you use their maiden name and insult their choice of surname? I've resorted to using "Alex Stonehouse nee Gillies," along with "Jenna Appleton nee Hall" etcetera, but that's a bit excessive for a mobile phone, surely...

... anyway, yes, Alex and Ben have tied the knot, got hitched, done the deed - but haven't said the big "I do," the vows were sealed with "I will," instead. Apparently this is quite normal, although I was left wondering for a minute

The ceremony itself was well done; no raving preachers or anything - and the address was tasteful, relevant and well delivered. All in all, both sets of parents can be proud of how well it went

True to form, there were a couple of stuff-ups before the event - the Groom and his men left their buttonholes and the rings behind! Luckily they realised this before the ceremony started, and someone was dispatched to go and fetch them. Everything else seemed to go off without a hitch, if you'll pardon the pun; Alex has decided to take Ben's surname, at least in personal life, and their new address looks suspiciously like Ben's old address, although I might be mistaken there.

Syndia and I didn't get much of a chance to talk to either Alex or Ben, but that's to be expected on such an occasion - they were getting pulled every which way by all the friends and relatives etc.

Stewart Gillies (Alex's father) didn't recognise me initially - have I become that much more respectable since we last met? Admittedly, it has been three years or so, and it was in a crowd of 180+ people, so I can't really criticize - I'd be dreading those circumstances if it were me

The reception will be at Dockside, and it starts shortly, so we're off