Syndia and I paid a visit to the Australian International Airshow
today. There were some very, very cool toys on display.

The traffic was awful - we left home just after 10am and got through the
gates at about 12:20pm - so next time we go it will be on the bike so we
can lanesplit . We met up with Roger and Dan just inside the gates and
wandered around for a minute or two looking for film for Roger.

The first real sight to greet us after we arrived was the RAAF
Roulettes. Not a bad start to the day I managed to get a few photos
and movies of their display, but I didn't get the final starburst

Static displays included a recently restored Spit, a bunch of modern
passenger craft, a host of miscellaneous choppers, corporate jets,
two-seater trainers and aerobatics toys and a whole bunch of military
craft - everything from F-15's, F-16's, F-18's, a Mig-15, a US Navy
F/A-18 Super Hornet and of course the F-111's that are still the
mainstay of our Air Force even though they're approaching 40 years old

The flight displays included pretty much all of the military craft
listed above, plus a selection of aircraft from significant periods in
recent history. They had a replica of the Bleriot XI, which was the
first aircraft to cross the English Channel, a Sopwith Camel (Biggles,
anyone?), an SE5a, a collection of WW2 craft including another Spitfire,
three P-51D Mustangs and a Zero, amongst many others that I didn't
recognise or know of.

Post WW2 we got to have a look at the Hawker Hunter, a D.H. Vampire
(Australian-built), the new Eurocopter Tiger (seeing a chopper flip
upside down is eerie), the Mig-15 and a bunch of bomber craft.

Finally, the modern warbirds took to the sky - and what a sight. I have
to admit, the highlight of the show for me was watching the F-15 take
off on max afterburner, point the nose skyward while the rear wheels
were still on the tarmac and blast off into a 90 degree climb for the
best part of 10,000 feet in the time it took for my ears to stop ringing

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the F-16s in the air - I'm told it
was pretty good to watch - as we were stuck in traffic. We did get to
see the Super Hornet being shown off though - the slow-speed fly-by at
30 degrees angle of attack was impressive, as was the full afterburner
launch out of it

Photos and movies will be up tonight or tomorrow morning.