From Syndia:

Had to leave late as Andrew had lots of marking to do on Good Friday, and was therefore in no condition to pack and clean up around the flat until mid-morning Saturday. We tried to eat as many bits and pieces we had left in the fridge, then did a general tidy up. Did some food shopping. Andrew had to try to arrange accommodation for his precious baby (i.e. the ZZR). Fortunately Gordon was able to provide it with a home at short notice. As Gordon lives in Coburg, I had to follow Andrew (who rode the bike) in the car. I was very nervous as it would be my first solo trip of any notable distance - my only other trips had been to the nearby supermarket late at night. Andrew had to take off very slowly, and disappointed at least one small boy who obviously was waiting for Mr Motorbike to zoom away into the distance once the lights turned green. I somehow managed to get the car to our destination unscathed though, and we were finally on the road to Adelaide a little before 3pm.

The scenery was very pretty, though a lot of it looked very dry. We passed Ballarat and Ararat, stopped at the KFC in Horsham for dinner, then passed through Nhill before stopping for the night. We were hoping to reach Adelaide by Saturday night, but our plans had to change with our late departure. We pulled into a rest stop just west of the South Australia border (though we only found out we had slept in SA the next morning) and set everything up for sleep.