Spent a blissful day today, without coding a single line.

Woke up at 1230 or thereabouts and gave Daniel a buzz. He suggested that a
bunch of us come over and enjoy his apartment complex's pool, which we did.
By about 4pm (still very sunny here in Melbourne) Daniel and I were in the
pool, shortly to be joined by Vivek. Peter, Roger and Rhys were running late
so we went out to grab some food for a BBQ. When we returned we found them
waiting outside for us, so we all jumped back into the pool and spent
another few hours throwing a tennis ball around, hitting the ball (and each
other) with those foam "noodles" and relaxing in the spa.

The BBQ went off well, followed by a game of 500 and looking out over the
balcony at some poor idiot who had been conned into doing a lap of the
complex, naked, on a pushbike

All in all, a good day.