Gordon is a legend!

I bought a trailer last week and needed to kit it out so that I could carry a bike or two on it. Gordon offered to help me out with the use of his garage, tools and his time.

In a repeat of the events over Easter, I rode to Gordon's and Syndia followed in the car, towing the trailer. We then proceeded to work out what needed to be done to the trailer and the bike before jumping into the car and heading off to Bunnings and Super Cheap.

We picked up three thick pieces of treated pine, some L-bracket-looking-things, lots and lots of nuts and bolts, and lots and lots more other miscellaneous stuff. Syndia decided that she liked the art and craft section - a sad way to highlight the fact that now not even a hardware store is a safe refuge for the male population :-|

We arrived back at Gordon's and set to work. Syndia had decided to make us all lunch (steak sandwiches a la Jamie Oliver) and Nick, Gordon and I headed out into the workshop. Lunch was shortly served (hehe.. that will get me beaten up, for sure) and Syndia was duly complimented on her cooking

Many hours later (close to midnight), in pouring rain, we had drilled holes for the U-bolts to hold the bike tie-downs, Gordon had built a very cool heavy-duty ramp, the Ventura rack and the top-box were fitted to the bike, the trailer was re-wired and re-soldered (after many blown fuses while we sorted out the wiring) and finally, the bike was loaded onto the trailer and strapped down. Mission accomplished!

Seriously, I owe Gordon big-time for helping me out - we spent over 12 hours working almost exlusively on my stuff today. Thanks very much, Gordon.