Woohoo! The new Harry Potter book is out

Syndia and I headed off to Chadstone today to buy some clothes and other mundane stuff. On the way, I remembered that the new Harry Potter book would have been released at 9:01am. While Syndia was looking for clothes, I picked up a copy and started reading. I didn't dare let the book out of my sight, just in case Syndia stole it and started reading it as well - I'd never get it back then - so I finished it last night and let Syndia have it this morning

I was pleasantly surprised how much ground Rowling covers in this book - Harry et al are starting to grow up, with all the accompanying teen angst . We also start to see some of the larger plot develop. But hey, I'm too tired to write up a full review, and there are (literally) millions of other people who will already have done so.