Hi Karen!

(Karen was miffed with me because she hadn't received a mention on uglybugger. I hope this will get me out of trouble, but somehow I doubt it...)

The tute at RMIT didn't go so badly today... Everyone managed to turn up late though, which was a bit weird - I had been planning on going home in another 5 minutes or so if nobody turned up... There weren't too many people, which was nice as my voice still isn't wonderful and it meant I didn't have to speak too loudly. I'm writing this from the lab at the moment, which suggests that there aren't too many people around at all today

For what it's worth, I've been looking at a nice little ZX-6R in the city; have been planning to test-ride it for the last two weeks, but haven't managed to get around to it yet. Looks like Winter is a good time to buy a bike - but a bad time to sell one. I might hang on to the ZZR until the warmer months unless I get a decent offer for it... Maybe I could even persuade Syndia to try riding it