Had some good fun today. This morning I went out for a ride with Gordon and one of his mates, Dallas. Being my first time riding a motorcycle on the roads, I was a bit nervous for a while, but I got over it pretty quickly. It's amazing how vulnerable you feel though - at least in a car you feel like you have some protection from all the stupid humans our there, but on a bike it's that much worse, becuse not only do you have far less protection than in a car, but people just don't look. Some dopey chick reversed out after Dallas (leading) and scattered Gordon and me - and she didn't even see us after we had ridden past - the first she saw of us was at the following set of traffic lights.

All in all though, I had a great time. We rode pretty gently for the entire time, and didn't go too far. We ended up getting about as far as Frankston (nice ride too, along the coast all the way) before having a bit of a break and turning back.

On the way down, Gordon somehow managed to lose the keys for his bike - while it was still running. We're not quite sure how he managed to do it, but he did Anyway, that meant that for the entire trip home (he bailed early) he wasn't able to turn his bike off, restart it if it stalled or refuel it (since you need the keys to get the fuel cap off). Oops

This evening was good, too. Dan phoned me up after I'd finished tutoring at RMIT, and asked if Syndia and I wanted to go out for a feed and then back to his place for some DVDs. We didn't need to be asked twice, so off we went. Dinner was at some "Orange pizza parlour across the road from the BMW dealership," according to Dan. I can't remember the name of the place. The waitress (yep, one thereof) was in a bit of a bad mood and was pretty abrupt for the entire night. Oh well... one can't have everything...

The DVDs back at Dan's place ended up being A Night at McCool's, which was better than I expected (although I slept through most of it) and Jet Li's The One, which was far worse than I could have thought possible in these days of imperceptible special effects. It was reminiscent of a budget rip-off of some anonymous Jean-Claude Van Damme flick from the 1980s. Very painful. Unfortunately I couldn't get back to sleep for this one, so I had to sit through it . But hey - the entire day turned out pretty well, so I can't really complain