Went to Michael Robertson's 40th birthday party this evening, and it absolutely rocked! It was seventies-themed, so Mike, Maddy, Syndia and I went costume shopping on Friday. You can see the results in the photo gallery.

Syndia went as the blonde from Abba (I wasn't around then, so don't blame me if I can't remember her name); Mike and Maddy went as early 70's hippies and I went for the mid- to late-70's dodgy disco look. We thought we were going to be outdone by all of the people who were actually around in the 70's - after all, we had to go and hire gear, whereas they for the most part just had to look in their wardrobes... but such was not the case. We killed them! Michael (Robertson, not Harcourt) couldn't tell who was who, even after we had to buzz for entry and give our names.

The party itself went off very well; their apartment has an awesome view of the river, and, of course, it was the night of Riverfire, which meant we had fireworks for the best part of an hour, followed by a pair of F-111's doing a dump-and-burn all along the river. Woohoo!